Hi. I'm Rosie - a mom who knows what it's like to go through a break-up. When parents separate or are living apart, it's a very difficult time for children. They need love and support at this time and throughout the period when parents are living apart as all members of their family are adjusting to a new life.

Let me tell you who this online guide is for. It's for: parents who are single, married, or living common law; parents living on reserve and off reserve; parents who have already left the relationship; and parents who are still in the relationship but are thinking about leaving.

This guide is also for anyone who has a relationship with your children, including: immediate family; extended family members; friends; and elders.

You may wish to use this guide one section at a time, instead of going through all five at once. It's your choice. The Worksheets at the end of each section give you a chance to try out new information and see how it fits with your own situation. Print them out and jot down ideas as they come to you. At the end of each section, you will be provided with a password that you will need to login into the next section.