Abuse and Safety Issues

Before we continue, I have something very important to tell you. If, for any reason, you believe that your safety or your children's safety is at risk, then some of the strategies described in this guide may not be appropriate for you to use.

Making sure you and your children are safe is the number one priority. All adults have the responsibility to protect children from being victims of abuse or witnessing ongoing violence.

If your partner has:

  • Ever physically abused you or your children
  • Ever sexually abused you or your children
  • Ever threatened to hurt you or your children in any way
  • Ever threatened to take your children away
  • Ever made you feel that you or your children would not be safe if you left or they left, or
  • Ever said or done anything else that has made you feel that you and your children are not safe

then I want you to get help. If you or your children are in immediate danger, call the police or RCMP - then get in touch with someone else in your community, such as:

  • A Mediator or Family Justice Counsellor
  • A Native Courtworker
  • Your Band Social Worker
  • Your Band Development Worker
  • Your Band Community Base Worker
  • Your Family Support Worker
  • Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
  • Family Violence Centre
  • Local Transition House/Women's Shelter
  • Victim Services
  • Ministry of Children and Family
  • Family Justice Services Branch
  • Residential School Healing Services
  • Lawyer Referral Services
  • Legal Aid

More information contacting these agencies is at the end of this guide, in the Resources section.