Use the internet to find:

Kids Help Phone -

Families Change -

Child and Family Canada -
Designed to help people in their relationships, in critical times and in day-to-day living. There are informational themes on Family Life and Parenting. Some topics on the section on parenting include the following:

  • Aboriginal Child Rearing Practices and Family Break-up
  • Children and Self-esteem
  • Children and the Stress of Parenting
  • Children and Family Break-up
  • Hints for Separated Parents
  • Helpful Hints for Healthy Parenting
  • Supportive Ideas for Raising Your Child in Separate Homes
  • Justice Canada
    This site has a number of information documents that may be useful The section on Child Support Guidelines has a wealth of information on the topic, including a workbook for parents and 10 questions and answers. Information about child support guidelines can be found at Information about spousal support can be found at

  • Legal Aid Website -
    Find the Legal Aid website for your province. This may include information about separation and divorce. Self-help booklets may be available online.
  • Justice Education Society of B.C. -
    Online learning program regarding relationship violence and the options available when dealing with dating or family violence.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association -
    Information pamphlets on a variety of topics including the following:
    -Separation and Divorce
    -Children and Family Break-up
    -Children and Their Fears
    -Children and Self-esteem
    -Children and the Stress of Parenting
  • Health Canada -
    Health Canada has information and publications on healthy living and family violence.